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Patients of Surf Therapy

Recently, institutions have been researching new methods of dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, anxiety or just stress for various types of patients. One of these methods is surfing. According to psychologists, more than 8% Americans suffer through PTSD and almost 65% of active military personnel face the challenges of this condition. Statistics for the rest of the world are not so different. Every day, people deal with different types and levels of stress, from stress of studies among college students to stress of taking care of the family among single parents or low earning parents. These problems can affect the human brain and body in ways science is unable to understand, some doctors go as far as saying stress can be lethal at any level. Surfing is a form of active sea excursion that helps a person exert their body, sharpen their focus to maintain balance, relax their mind and be one with the sea.

Why UK doctors are now prescribing surf therapy

Why is this therapy effective?

This kind of therapy is extremely beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, all the patient needs, is a surfing board and a trip to the ocean. Some training at the primary stage of therapy may be needed but that’s it. Instead of paying large sums of money for sit-in therapy sessions in a closed environment, an essentially cost-free therapeutic activity helps much more especially to people who have served out in the field. Furthermore, no medicine is required for this surf therapy the sole medicine is the breeze of the ocean, the crashing of waves against the surfer, and the adrenaline rush an extensive activity brings to the patient. Latest studies show an active route of therapy is essential especially for military officers suffering with PTSD after coming back from the horrors they face in the field whether national or international land. A veteran will always prefer fighting their way through their problems. Accepting that they do indeed show symptoms of PTSD, is a great ordeal in itself for them. So, a simple approach of psychotherapy or a support group may not be half as effective as one would think for a man who has seen the worst of humanity. Surfing enables them to transfer all the negativity they feel into an exertion which is what a soldier is trained to do for years.

Surf Therapy – Strangers Guide

Purpose of Surf Therapy for non-PTSD patients

In addition to that, taking a break from life of the world as a whole and retreating to a surfing resort can be much more useful for people going through losses, dealing with thought coordination issues and even couples going through a rough spot in their marriage, as a fun activity can help them expel negative thoughts as to help them sort through the problems with a healthy positive mind. Technology, fast-paced life, competition, countless deadlines, expectations, a mundane inactive life of today’s world can drive almost anyone to a dark path. Surfing not only helps in unplugging with the world till you are ready to get back out there, but it also helps in reconnecting with mother nature.

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