Why Is Gold Called A Protective Asset?

First, gold is not “money,” unlike stocks and bonds. In addition, the gold market is designed to soar as the world situation and economy become unstable. Therefore, no matter how unstable the world situation is, the value of gold itself will not change.

In the past, the market price soared sharply during the oil crisis, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the terrorist attacks in the United States.

Conversely, when world peace comes, the price of gold will fall. However, even if it goes down, unlike stocks, you will only lose money if you sell gold. If you wait for the market price to rise again and sell it when it rises, you won’t have to worry about taking so much risk.

Recently, the impact of the new coronavirus that threatened the world in 2020 has caused stock and real estate prices to drop significantly. Many companies were in financial trouble, and investors must have been very embarrassed. However, it was “gold” that was the only winner there. Instead of falling, the price of gold rose significantly.

Once you buy gold, you wait for the market to rise, so you don’t have to do anything in particular. Even if you are new to investing, you can manage your assets easily.

However, gold does not generate monthly profits, so it is unsuitable for those looking for a stable income.

Think Of It As A Defensive Asset To Prepare For When Something Happens.

If you own stocks and real estate, you can earn profit every month. Many people live on that alone, and depending on the operation, you will be able to obtain a large number of assets. Another method is to convert a 401K to physical gold. This will be explained in a further post!

Unfortunately, Gold does not generate this kind of monthly profit. It will be difficult to make a living with money alone, as assets will not increase just by owning them. Gold investment is recommended as one method, but please consider it a reserve asset.

Steadily Create Assets With Pure Gold Reserves.

If you have a large budget, it is also recommended to consider purchasing gold bars. However, it may be difficult for some people to prepare many funds.

You can start from 1000 yen per month if you are a pure gold reserve. Since it is a system that automatically purchases and accumulates a fixed amount of pure gold every month, almost no knowledge about investment is required.

After opening an account, pure gold will be purchased automatically by leaving it as it is. However, you need to determine when to sell, so keep an eye out for information on market fluctuations.

You can set the reserve amount yourself to save steadily within a reasonable range. This is a great investment option for those who want to grow their wealth over the long term.

Gold has a common value worldwide, and the value itself will never go down. Since it is also strong in the world situation, there is a big advantage in owning it as a stable asset.

There are no major drawbacks other than being unable to generate monthly profits. If you do not make a mistake in the timing of the trading transaction, you will not suffer a big disadvantage.

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